26296-002Fidel’s passion for animals started at a young age; at the age of eight Fidel’s family relocated to the USA and he was forced to leave his beloved dog behind. Shortly after finding himself without a dog he started volunteering to care for and train many dogs within his neighborhood, one of them belonging to a retired K-9 corps war dog training officer which became his dog training mentor and further rooted his obvious passion for dogs. At the age of 13, aspired to become a veterinarian, he started working as a veterinary assistant working his way up to veterinary tech duties, but his passion for caring and training dogs redirected his career goal.

In 1985 Wolff’s Kennel expanded and started providing world class training to families, dog sport competitors and law enforcement agencies all over the country as well as internationally. Fidel Acosta has served as a vendor and supplier to Local, National, and International Law Enforcement Agencies working and training with K-9 Police Dogs. Moreover, Fidel constantly travels abroad to work with some of the finest dog trainers throughout Europe, allowing him to learn new principals in dog training methodology to further improve his knowledge and to personally evaluate and select quality working dogs to train them under his directions for police and law enforcement agencies, search and rescue groups, personal protection and family trained dogs. Additionally, Fidel has trained and sold dogs to many Athletes, Celebrities, and to the Saudi Royal Family.